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On Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings Israelis normally crowd the trains as they head home, or to work, or to their army units, after Shabbat.   On Saturday evening, September 3 and all the next day over 100,000 Israelis found themselves stranded, with no train service, because of a virulent squabble over a strange Latin phrase, status quo, that...

Kurdistan in Iraq (KRI) has never been so close to independence as it is now.

Its leaders, especially President Masoud Barzani, do not lose any opportunity to declare that independence is their goal and there is no going back. These declarations should not be taken lightly. A few years ago no Kurdish leader could have dared utter such statements so...

September 1, 2016


IPDF: The Temple Mount continues to be a flashpoint for violence and unrest with the Palestinians and the rest of the Muslim world, is there a way out of the mess?

NS: There is no real way out of the Temple Mount impasse. In essence it a conflict between two religions. For Judaism this is its most holy site; for Islam this is its third most...

There has been an increasing buzz recently surrounding Russian-Iranian cooperation, which has aroused some international perplexity.

On August 16, Russia deployed warplanes at an Iranian air base, Hamedan. The planes struck Syrian rebel and Islamic State (ISIS) targets for a few days. Until then, although Tehran had allowed the Russian Air Force (RA...

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