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Over the past several months, as pressure mounts to move on the Palestinian track and the US signals impending contraction of its Middle East footprint, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been moving to reshape Israel's foreign relations.

His strategy is to create what he calls "islands of stability" in a chaotic region, deflect international pre...

Israel's economic growth is slowing down. Economist Prof. Shlomo Maital indicates how to handle the situation

IPDF: What, then, are the real pressing issues?

SM: Clearly, Israel’s slumping economy and lagging exports.   In 2015, Israel’s services exports fell by 3 percent, to $34.4 billion, for the first time in 6 years, since the 2008 global crisis....

Despite the public outcry that led, three years ago, to the biggest demonstrations Turkey has ever known, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced recently that he will pull down the famous Gezi Park at the center of Istanbul in order to build a shopping mall and a replica of the old Ottoman barracks destroyed over a century ago. The wave of demons...

Bilateral relations between Israel and Poland can fairly be described as “special.” Behind them lies a great legacy of 1,000 years of history of Polish-Jewish coexistence, punctuated by moments of triumph and tragedy.

For many centuries, much, if not most, of world Jewry lived on the territory of Poland, which eventually became the heartland of the...

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