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Since 1987, the Gaza-based terror group Hamas has kept itself in the international spotlight through acts of violence against the Jewish state. What are the aims and policies of The Muslim Brotherhood offshoot in the Gaza Strip? How does it finance its ongoing struggle against the ‘Zionist Entity?’

US Ambassador to Israel, Dan Shapiro, visits a terr...

By Avichai Korn

Since the ink dried on the tenuous 2015 nuclear deal in which Iran agreed to cease enrichment of weapons grade plutonium in exchange for a lifting of US sanctions,
America’s ‘peace partner’ has continued to walk a tight rope, funding terrorist organizations, promulgating inflammatory anti-West rhetoric, testing long-range ballistic m...

Ties between India and Israel have their origins in 1992 when India decided to establish full diplomatic relations with the Jewish state. While the decision in India was taken by a Congress-led coalition government, subsequent governments, especially those led by the right-of-centre Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), have continued to nurture the relati...

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