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Israel and Turkey have been negotiating on the undersecretary-level in recent months in an attempt to bridge the contention between the two nations. Tensions began in 2006 and reached their peak in 2010, with the Mavi Marmara incident. Even prior to the raid on the boat that was sent to Gaza by the Turkish terrorist organization IHH, which left eig...

Interview By Avichai Korn

Over the past two years, natural gas findings in Israeli waters have garnered much negative publicity. Texas-based energy exploration and production company, Noble Energy and the Israeli government continue ongoing disputes over taxation, drilling rights and export quotas for Israel’s newfound resources. At the end of March...

April 1, 2016

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s announced withdrawal from Syria is far from the capitulation that many in the West imagine. Rather, it is a calculated scaling-back from a conflict in which casualties have been low and short-term objectives have been largely accomplished, all in the absence of any significant Western opposition. Putin committed g...

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