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It hard to nail down what US President-elect Donald Trump believes and will implement. But it is possible to piece together a fairly coherent picture of Trumponomics – his view of business and economics.

I’ve read mountains of columns by economists and experts vilifying Trump and scorning his views. A closer look at his speeches and statements revea...

On Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings Israelis normally crowd the trains as they head home, or to work, or to their army units, after Shabbat.   On Saturday evening, September 3 and all the next day over 100,000 Israelis found themselves stranded, with no train service, because of a virulent squabble over a strange Latin phrase, status quo, that...

Israel's economic growth is slowing down. Economist Prof. Shlomo Maital indicates how to handle the situation

IPDF: What, then, are the real pressing issues?

SM: Clearly, Israel’s slumping economy and lagging exports.   In 2015, Israel’s services exports fell by 3 percent, to $34.4 billion, for the first time in 6 years, since the 2008 global crisis....

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