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In dismissing the mid-January Paris Peace Conference as the "death throes of yesterday's world," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu signaled that, as far as his government is concerned, the internationally-backed two-state solution with the Palestinians is passé and no longer on the table.

"Tomorrow's world," that is the world led by US President Don...

In trying to save the tiny West Bank hilltop settlement of Amona, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been pushed into far-reaching legislation that could have major repercussions for Israel's relations with the international community and the viability of the two-state solution.

The so-called "regularization bill," which ironically in its modifie...

The outgoing Jewish year 5776 was, on the face of it, a good one for Israeli diplomacy. Israel deepened its ties with Asian giants China, India and Japan; reached close operational understandings with the Russians in Syria; enhanced covert cooperation with moderate Arab Sunni states; added substance to relations with a bevy of African countries; co...

Over the past several months, as pressure mounts to move on the Palestinian track and the US signals impending contraction of its Middle East footprint, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been moving to reshape Israel's foreign relations.

His strategy is to create what he calls "islands of stability" in a chaotic region, deflect international pre...

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