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IPD Forum was established in 2014 by renowned professor of public diplomacy Eytan Gilboa in response to widespread gaps in public knowledge that have amplified hostility to Israel.

Western Media coverage of the region, and of Israel in particular, is often highly biased and distorted, making it difficult for news consumers to stay informed on current affairs, let alone comprehend the ever-shifting nature of this region.

Misinformation has had an acutely negative effect on public opinion and consequently on Israel's image and reputation. Individuals, organizations, and sometimes even countries, use distorted reporting on Israel to criticize not only the country's policies, but against Israel's entire existence.

Public diplomacy known as ''hasbara'' has failed in the past because it does not address Israel's reality, instead only painting a rosy picture of the country. Because of this, Western readers lack reliable, relevant information on Israel and the Middle East.

IPD seeks to counter this. We aren't a ''hasbara'' organization. Rather than adopting an Israel-centric discourse, IPD scholars present the facts on the ground. As an independent organization with a strong academic orientation, IPD is uniquely equipped to address the challenges of communicating about Israel with foreign audiences. We offer communities key insight into relevant issues while providing the historical and regional context that is often absent in media coverage.

To do so, IPD partners with local organizations in communities across the US and Europe, educating audiences about crucial topics like cybersecurity, American relations in the Middle East, the fight against ISIS, and many more. We work with diverse groups to reach a wide audience in order to facilitate a people-to-people dialogue and foster idea exchanges.  

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